Patch Notes - v1.2

Patch Notes v1.2 
By popular demand we've spent the past few days preparing the build for Mac!
In addition to this we've rewritten most of the underlying systems. The initial code was written hastily to finish before the game jam deadline. The new code is much more stable and easy to navigate. The development team can now upscale the project with additional content much more quickly and dynamically. 

We've also added a new team member!
Anders Nillson is our new audio engineer!


  • Replaced placeholder sound effects
  • Replaced placeholder music
  • Added faint footsteps as the player runs
  • Added pitch and volume modulation for several sound sources


  • The UI will now properly scale to any aspect ratio!
  • The exeCUTEable icon is much more cuter


  • Score and camera height only updates when player is touching the ground
  • Players can now use console controllers to play (Should work for each, but only tested Xbox 360)
  • The acid will rise much more quickly if the playspace is filled with blocks
  • The acid will rise much more quickly if the player remains stationary for more than 5 seconds

Bug Fixes:

  • Created a memory management system to reduce lag as the player jumps higher and higher
  • Fixed an issue of blocks spawning inside on another
  • Reduced the (unusually high) odds of towers forming that trap the player
  • Fixed some collision issues with the player dying from invisible blocks

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Aug 29, 2017

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