Patch Notes - v1.1

Patch Notes v1.1

  • Placeholder music and sfx are implemented. We're waiting on assets to finalize this!


  • Added a fade transition between scenes
  • Added concept art during fade transition
  • Score now smoothly transitions
  • Particle effects now look much nicer
  • Screen Shake scales to block's speed upon impact (Overall reduction)
  • Improved contrast of warning indicators against background
  • Added control scheme to the intro scene


  • Score and camera height only updates when player is touching the ground
  • Difficulty scales as score increases
    • Blocks fall more frequently and drop faster as score increases
    • Acid rises slightly more quickly
  • High Score is saved upon exiting program
  • If "escape" is hit in the intro scene, then the application closes
  • If "escape" is hit in the game scene, the intro scene is loaded

Bug Fixes:

  • Dramatically reduced the chance of blocks spawning inside walls/eachother
  • Fixed the draw order of blocks
  • Fixed the collisions on Orange Spike Blocks
  • Fixed warning indicator fade time

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Aug 23, 2017

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