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Nice idea, nice twist, nice design, I'm liking this.

Totally wasn't obvious at first that you couldn't jump until you got the boots 🤣


Tried this one out a few months ago. Fun idea. Hard to tell what's going on at times given how zoomed out everything is though.

Sorry it took me so long to get to it, but super enjoyed this game!

Thanks so much for playing guys, this was a lot of fun to watch!
We've been casually working on this game more since and it's pretty cool to see how far it's come! :D

Why make more levels, before we finish this one! ^_~ We're uploading a new build for this one this New Years Eve!

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frickin' jumpscare deaths

And how do I use the torch?

For me the torch is automatic as soon as you get it, it simply lights up the nearby area.

If you were thinking to use it to set things on fire, you'll have to use the bomb instead.