A downloadable mini-metroidvania for Windows

MICROVANIA - A One Screen Mini-Metroidvania with a Twist!
It's for a contest, so we'd really appreciate it if you rated the game and left a comment!

And a few notes to help you play it! (The Game Jam build has a few bugs and quality of life issues)
- It works with Keyboard OR Gamepad
- You can view the controls in the menu (Esc or Start)
- The Player has 3x Health but will be instantly killed by Dragon Fire
- If you die twice, you should close and reopen the game (it breaks more and more with each death)
- There are two Winning Endings (You Kill the Dragon, or You Give the Dragon What it's Looking for!)
- There are 5 secret Gems hidden throughout the game if you can't find the last one, keep looking!

- Designer: Bretton Hamilton 
- Designer/Programmer: Damon Nichols
- Programmer: Miguel Lopez
- Programmer: Wesley Copeland

Future of the Game?
We'd really love to continue working on it! But everyone is already employed at a game studio or run our own! If there's enough interest we'd love to continue, we're just 'itching' for an excuse! So rate and tell us what you want if you were to see things grow! <3 

Install instructions

Install the .zip file
Unzip and extract the folder within.
Run the .exe out of the folder without moving/deleting any files within!


GMTK - Microvania - Final.zip 58 MB


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frickin' jumpscare deaths

And how do I use the torch?