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Booty Battles is a local multiplayer game. It was designed as a prototype for a larger top-down pirate game I have been thinking about for awhile. I wanted to determine if the core mechanics (Steering and Shooting) were engaging enough to warrant further development. 

To save on prototyping time I turned the original design, a single player naval combat game, into a local multiplayer game. This allowed me to focus on getting navigation and combat quickly refined instead of writing enemy AI. 

This prototype took roughly 7 work days to develop. With an extra day or two to implement a quick menu system.

Overall I'm pleased with the current product.  If I could restart the prototype I would focus on creating a solid singleplayer experience. By producing a singleplayer prototype it would have been much easier for remote players to test. Booty Battles was my first time building a fully functional and polished game menu solo. Spending the extra time on the menu was good practice but unnecessary for a prototype. I also lost a handful of time building an audio system that I end 

Bretton Hamilton - Designer & Programmer

Assorted Assets:
Kenney - Watercraft Pack
Synty Studios - POLYGON Pirates Pack
Daniel Robnik - Low Poly Styled Rocks
Jolix - Low Poly Water GPU
TheKingCairns - Music


BootyBattlesPrototype_v1.2.zip 21 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the .exe and _data folder to the same location.

Recommended Settings:
Resolution: 1920x1080
Graphics Quality: Fantastic
Windowed: False

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